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MacDill AFB Geobase IM/IT Support & GIS Services

MacDill AFB GeoBase IM/IT Support: Summary

PenBay Technology Group was engaged to provide all functions, services, and tasks associated with Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT) within the 6th Civil Engineering Squadron (6CES) at MacDill Air Force Base.


Providing high quality service support in the areas of:

  • Server Administration
  • ArcGIS Development and Support
  • Desktop Support
  • Information Assurance
  • Systems Support
  • Printer and Scanner Support
  • User Training
  • Project Management


At MacDill Air Force Base, PenBay Technology Group provides ArcGIS development, special data creation and geospatial analysis, developing GIS applications and web mapping such as Web Map Applications using Silverlight API, coordinating synchronization of data, and support for GIS hardware and software. Our on-site team has successfully completed many GIS data creation and analysis requests.

We use ArcGIS, Python, Silverlight, .NET, HTML5, JavaScript and other tools to develop web mapping applications such as a Desktop Emergency Response Tool, and to automate recurring tasks. We develop user-friendly custom applications that create efficiencies for the 6th CES. For example, PenBay Technology Group created a custom SharePoint work request application, eliminating the need for paper and phone calls for status updates, resulting in faster initial response time to requested facility repairs and increased transparency. We also developed a web-based gallery of custom map requests, reducing the need for 6th CES to provide paper maps. We created a custom tool for the desktop version of ArcGIS, which incorporated a desktop application connection for the display of plume models in time of exercise or actual emergency.

PenBay Technology Group effectively troubleshoots hardware or software issues with limited vendor support and quickly works through Help Desk level 1 vendor technicians to rule out simple issues when necessary to expedite escalation. PenBay Technology Group gathers information from vendors and Air Force sources about software and system updates and new releases and coordinates with the local 6th Communications Squadron and the 6th Civil Engineering Squadron on the best time to perform upgrades, installations, or migrations. We use our experience working and communicating directly with Air Force organizations and vendors to successfully install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot Servers and Backup and Recovery Appliances. PenBay Technology Group ensures that networks, servers, desktops, and software remain in compliance with the DISA STIG security requirements, while maintaining operational uptime.

PenBay Technology Group also provides technical and policy guidance to the government; for example, as the Air Force transitions to a mobile device strategy, we gave guidance on policy for users mobilizing with the assets and the possible cost of needed peripherals to do it correctly.

Lastly, PenBay Technology Group operates an efficient and effective Help Desk including the proper prioritizing, resolving, elevating, and organizing of Help Desk requests, creating a knowledge-base, providing detailed resolution responses and a transparent account of our Help Desk operation to our government client.


PenBay Technology Group’s work at MacDill Air Force Base has consistently received high marks and has helped to maintain smooth operations, compliance, and reliability.

Accomplishments include:

  • 100% uptime of the Esri servers since conversion to virtual servers
  • 100% uptime of Windows Server Operating System environments
  • 100% uptime of database applications
  • 100% customer satisfaction on help desk tickets where customers have rated our support

In 2015, PenBay Technology Group played an instrumental role in preparing for the Command Cyber Readiness Inspection (CCRI) to ensure cyber security of the network. In a recent evaluation, our contracting officer stated:

“6CS confirmed that PenBay Technology Group's flawless execution of CCRI preparations and response to inquiries, and associated required follow up actions contributed to the Wing CCRI rating of 'Excellent'. PenBay Technology Group ensured all facets of the multiple areas within their contract scope such as Information Assurance, System Administration, User Account Management, Software Management, and proper implementation of network security protocols and system access/control were successfully accomplished." --US Air Force, 6th CES

The 6CES has also realized efficiencies through automated processes PenBay Technology Group developed to avoid system downtimes and ensure data integrity and availability.

Client US Air Force, MacDill Air Force Base, 6th Civil Engineering Squadron
Dates 2014-2019
Skills Server Administration
GIS Development
Desktop Support
Information Assurance
Systems Support
Printer and Scanner Support
Help Desk
User Training
Project Management